10 Useful Windows 10 Shortcuts You Should Be Using

Hi Guys…!!!… In this blog we are going to discuss about 10 Useful Windows 10 Shortcuts You Should Be Using. So, let’s get started…
If you have been using pcs for a long time you would know that keyboard shortcuts are the best way to use a computer.
Well Windows 10 cendol supports cool gestures and the trackpads have gotten better.
Locking the as fast as using simple keyboard shortcuts to get the job done.
So if you want to be a keyboard ninja on Windows 10 we have your back.
I will be showing you some cool Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.
That will save you from the hassle of reaching out to that mice or trackpad so without further delay let’s again.

10 Useful Windows 10 Shortcuts You Should Be Using

#1 Capture Snippets

If you are like me would take a lot of screenshots.
Searching for the snipping tool or using the print screen.
And then cropping the required part is too much of a work when the day has just 24 hours.
Alternatively you can use Windows + shift + S.
And then select the area of the screen you would like to capture.
It’s that simple however the cropped screenshot isn’t automatically saved and you will have to paste it and save it manually.
Also to note that this keyboard shortcut works only if your PC is running on the latest Windows 10 creators update.

#2 Snap Windows Easily

If you like to multitask. While browsing on the other half then you will find this shortcut no less than a blessing.
Sure you can use the mouse to snap windows but this cool shortcut is certainly the faster and easier way.
All you have to do is press the Windows key along with the left or right arrow key.
As your current window will snap to the left or right smooth is at it.
Well here is a quick quiz try pressing windows + down arrow keys twice and let me know what happens in the comment section down below.

#3 Rename Folders

Renaming a file demands a total of two clicks but does it deserve that no.
I don’t so well here’s an alternate easy way to do so.
Just select the folder or file you want to link name and press f2.
And that’s it now you can rename it with both your since they never you will be left the keyboard.

#4 Snap Between Virtual Desktops

If you have been a Mac user previously you must have used the virtual desktop feature a lot.
Well Microsoft introduced this feature in Windows 10.
And if you love the virtual desktops feature on Windows that this keyboard shortcut is going to mean a lot to you.
If you press the keyword combo windows+ctrl+D a new virtual desktop opens the virtual disposal.
And if you have already opened up multiple virtual desktops.
All you have to do is use the keyboard combo windows+ctrl+either left or right arrow key to switch between them easy isn’t it…

#4 Paste Without Formating

I have talked about this shortcut in one of my previous videos about light Pro tips.
But it’s a good shortcut so I have included it here as well.
Let’s say you are researching some topics and you are taking reference from multiple websites.
And copying text but what you see is copied text come with the formatting of its own.
Which can make the document look absurd.
Here’s how you can avoid that.
Just copied it the way you normally would and while pasting use ctrll+shift+v instead of ctrl+V.
And you will see the text will be pasted without any formatting.
It will save you a lot of time.

#5 Game Bar

Though I am not much of a gamer this is certainly a handy keyboard shortcut for everyone who is into PC gaming or not.
Just press Windows + G and the game bar will open up.
And from the bar you can directly open up Xbox tour record live gaming sessions.
Which can also come in handy for situations where you want to record spring for some other purpose.
And yeah you can also take screenshots.
You can even broadcast gameplay through Xbox Live.
It’s one keyboard shortcut that opens up a lot of features right.

#6 Lock Screen

You just have a couple of winners to catch the uberpool you just booked.
And a lot is going on your PC right now shutting down one might take a lot of time.
But evening way out would be to press windows + L and it will lock your PC fast isn’t.

#7 Minimize All Windows

It let’s say you are working on your PC doing something personal.
And suddenly one of your friends barges into your room.
The pastures you can hide it all is by pressing windows + D.
It will minimize every window and he will be left wondering why you were staring at your desktop so seriously.

#8 Zoom Shortcuts

You must be certainly aware of the keyboard combo Ctrl + + to zoom in and Ctrl n minus to zoom out.
But if you want to get back to the normal resolution from the sound and pick or a zoomed out pitch you can do it by simply pressing ctrl + 0.

#9 Open Taskbar Apps

If you pin your favorite and most used apps in the taskbar.
Here is an easy way of launching them quickly.
Just press the Windows + 1 to open the first tab from the left.
Now let’s say you want to open the fifth tab from the taskbar all you have to do is press Windows + 5 smooth isn’t.

#10 Create Custom Windows Shortcut

It knew a couple of keyboard shortcuts is awesome.
But do you know what’s even cooler creating keyboard shortcuts of their phone?
Yeah you heard me right.
Let me show you how you can do that to create a shortcut for any app or folder or file.
Then right-click on the created shortcut and head to properties.
Here in the shortcut tab just click on the shortcut key option and press the keyboard shortcut you want.
That’s it you can now use the keyboard shortcut to easily know which the folder you use often.
I hope you learn something new.
Also if you think I have missed out on your favorite Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.
Then do let me know in the comment section down below.
So, this was all about 10 Useful Windows 10 Shortcuts You Should Be Using.
If you have any query then comment below or contact us.

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