10 Useful Windows Apps & Software You Should Try

Hi Guys…!!!… I am here to discuss about 10 Useful Windows Apps & Software You Should Try. So, let’s get started……
I’m going to show you some really useful apps and software for Windows that you’re going to love.
Let’s start discussing 10 Useful Windows Apps & Software You Should Try.

10 Useful Windows Apps & Software You Should Try

#1 Ueli

Windows 10 search is pretty decent but I don’t blame you if you don’t find it very powerful.
And that’s where the ule app is so handy.
You bring un-launchable windows which is very similar to spotlight or Alfred on mac.
So basically you can just press Alt + space to open up the yule launcher.
And then quickly launch apps files search for files or search for something online.
New calculations and a lot more it’s very powerful and it’s customizable too.
You can customize the look of the launcher and you can create custom shortcuts.
Plus it’s all free so what’s alike.

#2 Groupy

Last year Microsoft announced a new sets feature for Windows.
Which would let you use multiple apps as tabs in a single window.
But that’s delayed and well gripe is an app that brings a similar feature to Windows.
The app lets you use different apps and software in the same window in the browser like tab style.
So as you can see I have Firefox in one tab fast own image viewer in one and the file explorer in another.
It’s super handy and if you’re worried that multiple browser travel ruined.
Don’t worry has groupie groups tabs from a single app like the browser into a single collection.
Yes groupie is pretty awesome and it has a range of customization options.
Which a lot of you will like it’s available in a free trial for 30 days after which you’ll have to pay $5 for the full version.

#3 Franz

Accessing your emails your WhatsApp messages your Facebook messages your SMS is all from your PC can be quite a task.
Well into France a super cool app that lets you access all of these in one unified interface.
Yeah with France you can just add the services you use and as you can see there are a lot of them to choose from.
And that’s it now you can just log in with your accounts and start using everything in a single app.
And it’s not just handy for different services.
I like to use it to access my two Gmail accounts.
Because we all know that accessing your different Gmail accounts from the browser.
It can be a lot of pain so yeah it’s a very useful Windows app.
Plus it’s free so yeah it’s awesome.

#4 ShareX

We understand now includes a pretty handy screenshot tool.
But if you ask me it just does not come close to share X.
A screenshot and screen recorder tool that’s lightweight but packed with features.
First of all which share X you can take different types of screenshots me the usual screenshots the screenshot of a region the app window a scrolling screenshot or even set things to auto-capture.
Plus what I like is I can set actions for when the screenshot is captured.
So I can set share X to automatically save the screenshot upload it to a host like Google Photos and open the editing tool.
It’s really powerful and it even lets you record your screen in the usual vampy 4 format.
Or you can create a Jeff if you want.
When share X is a free tool that has you covered on all fronts so check it out.

#5 PeaZip

Almost all of us have used WinRAR and you’ve got annoyed with those trial expired power bucks right.
When it’s time to switch to PeaZip.
is a free compression tool that is feature-packed.
Most importantly lets you open almost all type of compression file formats out there.
And it lets you create archives in almost all the formats out there.
Please if not only lets you create encrypted archives you can even create file archives with two-factor authentication.
Apart from that they’re all the features you can expect from a compression tool like we need to split and join archives building file manager secure deletion of files and more.

#6 WizTree

If you want to laptop with 128 GB SSD or even 256 GB SSD you must have faced low storage issues.
Well there are times when you don’t have an idea what is taking up so much of a storage.
Well check out mystery a super useful software that finds the files and folders using the most disk space on your hardware.
It’s simple to open the tool select the drive and click on scan.
After which the tool shows you a visual map of your files so that you can start the large files with ease.
As you can see these video files are taking up the most space on my laptop and I had no idea about them.
I think they are from a different user account so yeah mystery is handy.
Plus it’s a free software so check it out.

#7 Converter Bot

Next up we have converter bot and this is for people who are tired of installing new apps to open up different files or cut for different files.
It’s a handy little app that supports more than 300 file types.
So you can preview any file you want and convert them to a file type you are.
So let’s say you have a PDF file you can just load it up and convert it into a PNG or jpg.
Let me give you another example here’s a word file so you can easily convert it to PDF jpg PNG text file and more.
Overall converter pod is a super handy free tool to have on your Windows PC.

#8 EarTrumpet

To be honest Windows 10 is volume control is not the best.
I mean sure you can find all the options buried inside but it’s not very intuitive.
Well if you feel the same you should check out ear trumpet which is a really powerful volume control app.
The app lets you control volumes of individual apps beat classic apps or absolute window store.
And while that is something people will find handy.
I like the ability to quickly switch between default audio devices.
And the ability to move apps between playback devices.
So I can set a music app to play on the speaker while setting the sound of the game I’m playing to my earphones.
Get the idea anyway ear trumpet is available for free on the Windows Store so check it out.

#9 Multiswipe

Windows 10 has support for a few multi-touch gestures.
But what if you want better multi swipe lets you create your very own two-finger three-finger or even four-finger gestures for the touchpad and the touchscreen.
I created a few handy touch by gestures from a laptop and they work really.
So I’ve set two fingers swipe up and swipe down to increase and decrease the volume it’s so handy.
I’ve also said tip tap gestures to quickly switch between tabs in the browser.
In my uses two-finger gestures work the best but you can always try out other ones.
Also if you’re wondering multi swipe is said to work with more synaptic sail and take or precision touchpad so yeah it should work fine on most laptops.
Multisite is available for a free trial of fifteen days after which you’ll have to get the full version at $5.
Well those are some great apps and software for Windows and you’ll find the links to all of them in the description or below also a lot of you guys were asking us to switch to 18s 9 videos and well this is a first 18s 9 video so tell us how you like it in the comment section below also give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and share it with your friends who are Windows users now can subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech videos that’s me signing off thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one.

#10 Quick Look

An ability to preview files but just using the space button Mac OS is something that I’ve always wanted on my Windows PC.

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