5 Less Known Features of Android

Hi there. Today we going to discuss about 5 Less Known Features of Android. So without any further delay, let’s get started…
So, lets start exploring 5 Less Known Features of Android.

#1 Easy way to Scan documents

Say, you want to scan a document or take a picture of your id cards?
Now, I know, most of you- will use the “Camscanner app” Right?
But do you know this is easy to do that without having to download any third-party application?
The default ‘Google Drive’ app has a not also have not to scan a document, just like Camscanner.
Simply, open the app tap on the small plus sign at the bottom and snap a picture now if you want.
You can crop it and once you are done.
Click on the small right sign at the bottom Drive will process your image for better quality and that’s it.
Now if you are connected to the internet, it will automatically save it to your google drive or if you are offline, you can still access it underdrive storage.
Well, here is a document, that I scanned with a Camscanner and google drive.
So, can you tell me which one is what?
Well, the Camscanner has slightly better quality but most of Google Drive is doable.
Overall why download an extra app, when the default one is working just fine.

#2 Screen Pinning

This trick is useful if you have kids at your home or if you watch a lot of videos while traveling.
So the problem is, I often give my tablet to the little kids in my house.
This keeps them busy for a while and I get some extra time to finish my work.
But more often than not they mistakenly put their finger on the back button or home button which close the app.
Off course the same things can also happen if we watch video on crowded public transport Earlier
I used to use apps like Touch Blocker but if you are running Lollipop or higher.
then there is an inbuilt feature that can help.
However to get this working, first you will have to turn ON screen pinning from your security settings and then go to the app whose screen you want to lock tap on the overview and you will see pushpin icon there.
Tap on that click OK to confirm And that’s it now nothing will happen even if you touch the overview back or home button.
But, say you want to exit the app for real, for that, tap on the overview button for 2-3 sec and it will unpin the screen.

#3 Send WhatsApp message without touching your phone

Ok, So let Say you want to send a WhatsApp message but both your hands are busy like you are driving to your friend’s house and want to text him to get ready.
Well, you will be glad to know this can be easily be done with Google now.
Now, if you don’t know what Google now is well it’s like your voice assistant like Siri on iPhone.
But other than simple voice search and setting up reminders.
Now it also lets you do many other awesome things.
One of that is, sending WhatsApp message.
So to do that, launch google now by swiping up from your home button and say keyphrase ‘send a WhatsApp message’ and follow simple voice instruction.
Overall, google now is getting better with each update for instance yesterday.
They added a new feature that can read your last 5 text messages.

#4 Permanently delete data before selling your phone

Let’s say there is a good exchange offer going on and you decided to sell your phone.
Now obviously, you will erase data on your phone before handing it to a stranger?
And the first thing that came to our mind is the factory reset.
Right? But I think you already know, erasing data doesn’t mean they are gone forever.
Only the pointers are gone the actual data is still there
This means if somebody tries, they can still retrieve all your personal information, even after factory reset.
So what should I do? Well there is a simple solution.
Head over to the settings and encrypt your device, and then do the factory reset.
This ‘encryption thing’ will overwrite your actual data with garbage values and now if someone tries to restore the data they are not going to get anything useful out of it.
So remember before selling your phone first encrypt it and then do a factory reset.

#5 Use a file browser without a file browser

These tips in extremely simple yet powerful and dangerous at the same time.
Now, I discovered this workaround accidentally.
When one day, I was trying to open my password-protected ES file explorer but couldn’t remember its password.
But you can use it in many other ways like say you need to access your sd card.
Which doesn’t have any file browser installed?
To do this, open any web browser and type in the URL file:/// followed by the path you want to access, let go with the sdcard for now.
Now, as you can see it will list all the directories on your browser.
Now the reason, I said it can be dangerous is because, assuming that you password protected your photos or other confidential data.
Anyone who has access to your phone can quickly open the browser and see or even transfer all the content.
BTW this also two risks on computers say, I have hidden a folder using attrib command now, in the windows explorer you can’t see it neither will its content appear in search results.
But if I go the same path using a web browser you will find everything.
Well, the only solution is encryption.
If you ever want to protect your files don’t rely on fancy software instead use a standard in-built encryption which is a default in almost every platform these days.
Well, this is all for now, here was 5 Less Known Features of Android.
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