All about 5G-The next generation Network

Hi Guys….!! Welcome back to my blog I come back with a new blog and today we are going to discuss All about 5G-The next generation Network.

Guys we all are thinking that when 5G comes in our hand and how we will use this.

We will know that 5G is the next generation of the internet and everyone is waiting for 5G.

So guys we will talk about what’s improvement is in the 5G which is not in 2G, 3G or 4G.

And when 5G comes and how is this change all the environment. So let’s get started…

If we talk about 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, that in 1G it was only used for phone calls.

2G was very slow net, in 3G internet was too much faster as compare to 2G faster.

In 4G it comes in all people’s pockets and the speed is also very immersive. Then in 5G what’s new?

So, guys, 5G comes with many new improvement speed that will fast compare to 4G.

So guys speed will increase and latency will down also approx. equal to zero, so the gaming experience will be excellent and the network capacity will increase too much.

Benefits of 5G internet-

#1 Internet of Things

The bandwidth in 5G is very high, so that all the smart things such as smart lights, smart sensors, etc can be easily managed using 5G technology which is pretty good.

5G can do all of this, because it has a very high bandwidth which is excellent as compare to 4G technology.

#2 Self Driving Cars(Vehicles)

The concept of self-driving cars will be improved in 5G technology and the performance will be excellent because of the bandwidth of 5G technology, because the network backbone will be very strong due to 5G technology.

#3 Remote Robotic Surgeries

Remote robotic surgeries are done by the Doctor only when the Doctor is in the range of 100M.

But in 5G technology hype the range will increase and the Doctors can easily do surgeries from any place because the latency will be very low approx equal to zero so the surgery will be too much reliable.

So, there will be easy for doctors to do surgery even they are in a different country and the patient is in a different country in real-time.

#4 Immersive Gaming

Nowadays we are playing many online and offline games very easily and we can stream them also, but in the 5G technology the experience will be excellent because the latency will be approx zero.

Due to latency and speed to 5G technology we can easily play and stream the game at the same time with full reliability.

So, we will receive an excellent performance is 5G technology.

#5 Smart Connected Factories

When we use proper sensors and machinery in a good combination which will be possible only in 5G technology then the Company will work very smartly and work efficiency will also increase and grow very quickly.

It has many cons also,

Because I will talk about high frequency in a network so the range will come down compared to 4G.

So we need to install many towers every few meters.

If you need to use 5G you want to buy a new phone because the 4G phone will not support 5G. So using 5G you need to buy a special phone to operate and the phones are very expensive nowadays. But when the 5G will launch the price will be reduced.

So, this was All about 5G-The next generation Network.

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