Best Chrome Extensions You Should Try Right Now

Hi Guys…!!!… Welcome to the new blog. Today we will discuss about Best Chrome Extensions You Should Try Right Now. So, let’s get started…
Okay so the reason chrome update came with a bunch of cool new features like.
Send tabs to your other devices I was using pushbullet for that.
Native theme controls forehead momentum and global media controls.
Goodbye stream keys so a lot of features that were previously present in the extensions are now available natively.
But there are still a lot of features missing like you cannot have a separate search engine for the incognito mode or smart mute like mute the tab as soon as I leave it.
But just to keep it interesting will not be covering the popular ones like Grammarly, you blog, you know the names rather some cool new extensions which do something out of the box.
So, let’s start exploring Best Chrome Extensions You Should Try Right Now.

Best Chrome Extensions You Should Try Right Now


So let’s start with our dear YouTube the problem that I face with YouTube videos on Google Chrome is that all of them start playing at once.
So I have to individually pause every tab or just exit the browser altogether.
Now here comes smart mute.
This only allows sound from the tab which is currently active.
And as soon as you switch to the other tab the music stops.
Just a little dip there in case you’re watching this on your mobile and select where you want the extension to be installed on your laptop.


Okay so I have this habit of opening certain websites in incognito mode like my net banking portal or WebMD.
So it’s a cool extension called incognito filter lets me list down websites.
Which I prefer to open in incognito.
For example I have the code that net banking website added and now when I enter the URL in the Omnibox and hit enter.
Boom it opens in incognito as simple as that.
And if you can get creative with regExp and go ahead make small combinations like this.
Now if my search query on any website contains the word zip zap zoom.
It will open the web page in incognito no matter wherever you search this.


Just like the popular hobo zoom plus not the controversial Hua Zhu.
URL and lets you preview the entire webpage.
Ideally for my article research I open multiple tabs and read them sequentially with URL render.
I just search the query on google and the output page I just have to point to the URL and it opens the entire page on the side.
If it’s not readable I can even maximize it scroll through it.
It works with most of the popular search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Bing quant needless to say it saves RAM and when you’re dealing with Google Chrome it does matter.
Another extension on the same lines tells me more when you have this extension installed just highlight the text and you will quickly get a wiki page of it just beside.
Help slot and saves much time.
Before we get on to the next extension here is a small trick to keep all the extensions under a single box.
Head over to Chrome flags and able to flag the extension toolbar menu.
This will enable an extension box that holds all your extensions under one toolbar.
Well looks neat and they are easily accessible.
However do note that installing too many extensions might hog up your app.


Now pip is a fairly old extension from Google in case you don’t know it lets you play YouTube videos on the browser in picture-in-picture mode.
And not just YouTube pretty much all of the video streaming websites like Netflix Amazon Prime etc.
You can use pip to even play your local videos let me show you.
First install the prep extension well obviously now head over to the local file and select open with Google Chrome.
Now when the video opens you can start to click on the clip icon and there you have it.


Talking about popular search engines.
Let’s talk about YouTube as well well clickbait is not new you know it I know it and we have all fallen prey to it.
So this extension clickbait remover this is a great job to eliminate well click bits.
YouTube has this quick overview feature that shows you a glimpse of the video when you hover your mouse on the come nail we all know where this comes from.
But even then it’s not foolproof for one it only shows you the most popular part of the video according to YouTube.
And doesn’t work in the users uploaded video section enter clickbait remover it replaces the thumbnail of the video with a random frame from the actual video.
Now you get to decide the position of that frame it could be from the start middle or end of the video.


Talking about YouTube and things you have fallen prey to.
There is this huge binge cycle like you go search something on YouTube or you get a notification from YouTube.
And before you even realize you’re spending are watching videos.
It’s a basic tool and it smartly removes all the video recommendations and comments besides the video itself.
Again after the video has finished there’s no autoplay so the next video doesn’t roll.
This makes sure that you only watch the video you have searched for and clicked on rather than binging on random YouTube recommendations.


And while we are on the page of distraction let’s address the rabbit hole created by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and credit too much.
So this next extension called pause from freedom creates a barrier between you and the social media websites.
Let me explain so every time you visit a social media website let’s consider good old Facebook when I key in the URL of Facebook and hit enter I am greeted by this green page.
This makes me wait five seconds after that I can decide to either go back or continue to Facebook.
Now this might seem okay at the start but over time it piles up and you just forget that you open the tab.
It helps to get a distraction from work and studies.
Pause comes with its list of blog social media websites which you can always modify an alter.
So, this was all about Best Chrome Extensions You Should Try Right Now.
If you have any query then comment below or contact us.

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