Best Open Source Apps on my Android

Hi Guys…!!!… Welcome to another blog. In this blog we are going to discuss Best Open Source Apps on my Android. So, let’s get started…
What comes to your mind when I say open source
VLC Android Linux Firefox what else.
So if you have run out of names I’ll tell you some cool open-source apps which will put popular Android apps to shame.
But before that why all these open sewers and fast.
Mostly they are free you don’t get any ads or tracking and they are better than popular alternatives.
But best of all you support a huge community of awesome developers who are cool enough to not send your data to Chinese servers.
So let’s get started with some of the popular open-source apps.


Now with all these apps installed on your phone you are not sure which one of them is using the Internet in the background.
It not only affects your mobile data but is also a major privacy breach.
So I use net guard to block applications from using the Internet in the background.
For example let’s take a popular phone which is known for showing ads in the gallery app video player and even lock screen.
So now when I block the internet for these applications the popular phone can’t show me ads.


I don’t need to say anything about the Facebook app you all know how good it is.
I just couldn’t live with the battery drain and its background processes on my phone.
So here is an open-source FB client app or rather a web wrapper that gives you the entire website on the phone.
But here’s the best part when you open FB no ads it’s lightweight like a hundred KB only.
You also get an in-build messenger which is okay is looking more of how you see you on the FB website.
The only caveat though is you miss on instant notifications.
But hey you are saving battery and things stay private.


Now let’s talk about the launch on your Android device you might argue on anything.
But at least you would agree that the stock launcher look is the best.
I have been using launcher for about six to seven months now and hardly I experience any crash.
it’s lightweight its slick and you can customize it to the core hang on.
Let me show you rather I used Spotify a lot so I have to set it to trigger when I double tap on the home screen and if you’re wondering.
Yes, you can backup your launcher settings and restore them on other devices.


Now coming to your browsing habits.
You should try a brave browser well brave browser is quite popular.
But nonetheless the list would have been incomplete without the mansion.
In case you don’t know about the ad three brave browser it is based on chromium.
So the look and feel the shortcuts are all similar to Chrome Android and before you ask me in the comments desktop sync is in beta and yes it does support progressive web apps.
You just have to enable it in the flags


Most of us stick to Google photos or the native gallery app you get with the OEM.
So as a replacement I jumped onto simple gallery Pro on Play Store it’s paid but if you download from f-droid it’s available for free.
it has the same material design like quick although you lose out on some features like cloud storage, Google Drive connectivity but what you get is total privacy no ads and plus hidden folders.


Well, an open camera is something which brings lots of manual control to every single phone.
I’ve been using it for a while now and was amazed to find out that it’s open-source.
Now the UI is one thing which is not extremely amazing but the rest of the stuff like manual controls are all video mode custom bit rates and FPS setting are just awesome.
One handy little feature is external mic support I can now go live on my mobile phone also.


Now tor is not just an app but it’s an entire community.
The Tor community for a long time people who have been using or bots to connect to tor network on android had to use a separate browser called tor fox this recently changed a few months back with the tor browser which does both in one app
it’s still in alpha phase so not high expectations but I like it
tor basically hides your identity while browsing the Internet kind of like a VPN but instead of connecting you with one VPN server tor browser bounces your traffic to three other tor users
expect it to be slow and used wisely when required
you can also use it to access the Deep Web which we won’t go deep in


so why this entire video on open source apps
see open source app developers don’t have a huge marketing budget so these apps don’t get popular
while the shitty ones with a heavy marketing budget end up installed on your device
so we are here to make a change.
So, this was all about Best Open Source Apps on my Android.
If you have any query then comment below or contact us.

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