Best Siri Shortcuts You Should Try Right Now

Hi Guys…!!!… Welcome to the new blog. Today we will discuss about Best Siri Shortcuts You Should Try Right Now. So, let’s get started…
So Siri shortcuts to please the workflow app that Apple was just in 2017.
And it lets you learn the chain of actions.
Now while you can always create your Siri shortcuts which we do encourage but we did be heavy lifting for you and found some real hidden gems.
So what are we waiting for let’s check out some Best Siri Shortcuts You Should Try Right Now…

Best Siri Shortcuts You Should Try Right Now


I love Spotify and even though it isn’t available in India I use a VPN to get it.
But there’s one small problem it doesn’t work hands-free on iPhone.
But with the new Siri shortcut you can use it to play Spotify music without touching your phone.
Now let me show you how ‘hey Siri search Spotify’.
And then just say the name of your song, and voila wasn’t it simple.


Now while I’m mostly an audible guy but I do grab a hard copy every once in a while.
And before I do that I have the habit of looking at it’s good reiterating.
That said here’s how this shortcut will help.
So it scans a barcode of a book and extracts the UPC which later searches a good read website.
It’s a great feature but in our hands-on experience it doesn’t work quite well so you might expect a delay.


It is surprising to see google map has finally come on apple car play.
Anyway if I would like to use Google Maps with Siri shortcut I would just have to call up Siri and tell her to take me home.
And it will open Google Maps in the direction to my home address.


Now this one is a game-changer we all know how restrictive the Apple ecosystem is.
When it comes to iOS you either need to jailbreak your device or use third-party shady websites.
But with this new shortcut previously known as the workflow SMD 3.5 you can download most of all the social media content like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter whatever you want.
Say I would like to save this video it has to be public by the way than simply click on the share button and copy the URL.
Now go back to the shortcut app and click on it.
And now if you place the link on the shortcut app it will automatically grab the video link and ask you the format that you want to download in.
And then save it on your camera roll pretty neat right however they do rely on external API so we are not sure how long they are going to work but as of now they work flawlessly.


So one annoying thing about Whatsapp is you first have to add the number in your contact list only then you will be able to send our chat message.
Sure it makes sense from a privacy standpoint but it’s irritating.
So thanks to this shortcut I can just run this and type in the number and then start up words that thread.
You don’t have to save any number which makes sense if I’m not going to be in touch with them in the future.


Now and then we come across an Instagram post that catches our eye and we would like to save that image.
But the native save image option on Instagram it’s just a glorified bookmark option.
You can’t forward that image or save it on your camera roll.
But with this shortcut you can simply download an Instagram picture on your camera roll.
Just copy the image URL and then run the script and voila there you go.


Now this one is for all the American grows out there.
So whenever you are dining out most of you have to use a calculator just to find out how much should you tip.
Usually 10 to 20 percent is reasonable so using this shortcut you can easily calculate the tip simply enter the amount and select the percentage.
And there you go sure you can always ask Siri as well but that would be rude right.


Okay let’s be fair not everyone uses iPhone in India.
Most of us have an Android smartphone and they are pretty good but there is one particular feature in iPhone which beats Android sorry about that.
And well that is slow-motion videos.
But you can only watch it on your iPhone if you try to share that video on an Android well it won’t remain a slow-motion video.
So with the help of this shortcut you can simply run a script like this one.
And it will save this no motion video whether it’s actual frame rate which you can later send it to your Android friends.


If you are like me who orders everything on Amazon then this shortcut is for you.
So every once in a while then I’m out doing a weekly shopping I would find an item in the store and would like to check its price on Amazon first.
And manually search for the product I’m not going to do that.
Instead with this shortcut you can simply found your camera and then it will scan the QR code of the product and open the Amazon page of the product how cool is that.


And finally the most hilarious one in the list so this shortcut won’t stop the bullets coming at you.
But it can come in handy when you are in not so friendly neighborhood.
So running this script will do a series of functions that will help you when you encounter a cop or bad cop I should say.
So first it turns the brightness to a minimum then activates do not disturb mode then it proceeds to send a pre-programmed text message to your emergency contact with your current location.
And the best part is it automatically begins to record a video and send it to your emergency contact as well.
Now it means some like a stretch but it can be helpful in some situations which I hope you never have to encounter.
So these are some of my favorite Siri shortcuts it might seem a bit complicated at first but once you get your hands dirty it’s easier.
So anyway let me know which is your favorite shortcut in the comment section below.
And yes if you have made your shortcut also share as below.
So, this was all about Best Siri Shortcuts You Should Try Right Now.
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