Installation of Parrot Security OS

In this blog we are going to do the installation of Parrot Security OS in our system in primary OS or single OS. So, let’s get started….

Step 1:

To install parrot OS we need two things that are,

  1. Parrot OS ISO image(click here to download)
  2. Bootable Pendrive(If you do not know how to create a bootable Pendrive then click here)

Step 2:

To install Parrot OS in your system, go to the BIOS setting and choose the bootable Pendrive to boot the system and hit enter.

Step 3:

Now the parrot OS installer opens, and here we need to select Install option, so click on Install and hit enter.

After choosing the Install option, now there are three options, here we need to select Standard Installer. So, click on Standard Installer and hit enter.

Step 4:

Here we need to select the language, so I choose English and hit enter.

Here select your location so I had chosen the United States and hit enter.

Now it is time to configure the keyboard, so choose the keymap as per your comfort.

Step 5:

Now the additional components will start loading it takes very little time to complete.

Step 6:

This is time to set a password, so give an unforgettable root password and hit continue.


Here it will confirm the password, so rewrite the password and hit enter.

Step 7

This is time to select the full name, so enter your full name and hit enter.

Now select the username and hit enter.

Step 8:

Here we have to give a password to the new user to type the password for the new user.

Reenter the password to verify the password.

Step 9:

Now this is time to give the space where the OS will be installed, now we are not dual booting the system, so choose ‘Guided-Use entire disk’, this should be noticed that the entire disk will be formatted by the system, so make sure to back up the important data.

When you select Guided-Use entire disk, it will show all storage devices where the data can be stored, I have only one Hard Disk of 40GB, so I had selected it and hit enter.

Step 10:

Here we need to do is partitioning disks, so for the new users ‘All files in one partition’ is better, so choose these options and hit enter.

Step 11:

Now the system will do automatic partition as primary and logical, so click on Finish partitioning and write changes to disk.

Here simply select No, because there is no reason to go back to the partition table, so click on No and hit Enter.

Step 12:

In this step, it will ask to “Write changes to disk?”, so simply click on Yes and hit enter.

Step 13:

Now the process of installing the system starts, this process will take approx. 20 minutes.

Step 14:

After installing the system, it starts installing the GRUB boot loader.

Step 15:

So, It will ask that to install the GRUB boot loader as a master boot loader, so click on Yes and hit enter.

Now, we have to select the location where we have to install the GRUB boot loader.

Now it will start installing the GRUB boot loader, this process will take approx 5 minutes to complete.

So, we have successfully did the installation of Parrot security OS in our system.

If you are facing any problem then comment below or contact us, your query will be cleared shortly.

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