New Google Apps Hacks You Didn’t Know

Hi Guys…!!!… In this blog we are going to discuss about New Google Apps Hacks You Didn’t Know. So, let’s get started…
We all know Google is created making app but they suck big time at advertising them.
There are a lot of updates coming to the Google Apps after the Android 10 update.
Plus you still have a lot of tricks hidden under the surface like the Google Photos bokeh mode, the Google assistant interpreter mode, real-time train location in Google Maps, and much more.

New Google Apps Hacks You Didn’t Know


In the recent new update of google photos you can now blur the background of images.
In case your phone doesn’t have portrait mode or you just forward to click the picture in portrait mode.
This option does come handy.
Firstly the pic needs to be a portrait.
So when you open a portrait pic in google photos with a distinguishable background.
You’ll get a small toast called background blur.
The moment you tap on it it will blur the background and you can even adjust the blur.
Once done save the copy.
The process with Google Photos is quite simple and works well whereas you can get that perfect blur with after focus if you like to spend half an hour.


Now moving on after I made the switch to pixel 3 I’ve been using the Google assistant a lot.
Now if you ever visit the other part of the country where people don’t speak Hindi or English,
you can use the interpreter mode to quickly converse with local people.


This piece make just a quick little one here if you remember the Google I’m feeling lucky search button.
There is something in Google photos as well just long-press the Google photos icon and there you go.
In case it doesn’t pop up anything for you you need to go out travel and click more pictures.


So you might already know about the G bode clipboard manager
It’s there hidden away in the G board settings and quite an intuitive to use
That’s why people still use third-party clipboard managers
But here’s the fun part
I use Chrome’s shared clipboard manager, it’s not exactly a clipboard manager but you can send the text from the phone to your desktop
And here’s the best one you can send app links from your phone as well
For instance, this is our cool video which we posted on Instagram and I want to send the link to course shell on slack
So instead of opening Instagram on my desktop again
I just share the link using Chrome sent to desktop option’


Suppose you went on a trip recently and all of you have the photos now instead of uploading them on Drive separately you can instance share it directly through google photos
And you can go ahead and even add photos to it plus you can even chat within the app which is fun you can just spam everyone
With notifications overall, it is a private field
But a quick little tip if you share photos with random people make sure you enable the remove geolocation toggle


So you might already know about the google face tagging feature in case you don’t visit the album section and you would have a folder called people and pets
Here you can fight faces of people from your photos and it is insanely awesome
But here’s the cool part due to the categorization of people by face you can select all of their photos and delete all at once
I mean you know who’s picked you have to delete the job gets easier


Of course, Google Maps can show you your reservations, hotel bookings everything under the same window
but it can also tell you about your current train status let me show you suppose I want to go to Mumbai from Delhi.
So, I’ll put the source and destination accordingly and now when I go to the train section and tap on the train name
it shows me the live running status of the train all this data is pulled up from the Indian Railway database so it is updated and accurate


Next, I also use it to manage my daily commute or commuting in general
just search for the destination and it shows you the Metro route bus etc
moreover it will also show you the timings of the buses and Metro
this makes commuting so efficient back in Mumbai I used to use em indicator app or the DMRC metro app here
but now it’s one App less on the phone.
Plus Google Apps is working with the Delhi government to even map and show up 500 rickshaw stands within the app


A little small little trick here is you can measure the distance between places
here’s how you use it to tap on a place on the map and tap on the information card appearing at the bottom or just swipe up you will see an option called measure distance
now drag the pointer to a place and it will show you the exact distance
you can add multiple points and this way you can measure the perimeter of a park
in case things show up in miles you can change it to kilometers in the navigation settings
and lastly, if you’re worried about giving all your data to Google there’s a small legit way to stop that head over to the overly popular Google activity tab and here you can set up periodic or deletion of data.
So, this was all about New Google Apps Hacks You Didn’t Know.
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