Reasons why to build a hackintosh

Hi Guys…!!!… In this blog, we are going to discuss about Reasons why to build a Hackintosh. So, let’s get started….
You are watching this video probably because you are not satisfied with the performance of your current computer, most probably Mac, and you felt down of a chair when you saw Apple’s prices and options
So I will tell you right now 5 reasons, why you should do a wise decision and consider building a Hackintosh!
Despite dozens of myths flying around the internet about how Hackintosh is hard to build, how it’s not so compatible or stable.

Reasons why to build a Hackintosh

The reason number 5 why to build a Hackintosh is…


It can be very easy, when first – someone knows what to do and how to do it, or second – take advantage of for example my already done, tested, and verified builds, for which I offered to download whole already prepared and tweaked EFI folder configuration.
For those who don’t know what I’m talking about – the EFI folder contains all that “magic”, that makes an ordinary PC a perfect Hackintosh.
So it doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner at this, really all you need to do is to just buy exact components.
Of course you need to install macOS on that disk.
So if you will follow my steps and advice, you can have your perfect Hackintosh up and running in just an hour.
So those who say to build a Hackintosh is not easy are liars or they simply don’t know how to correctly do that.
And that’s why I’m here, I help people to build a perfect Hackintosh for their needs and I even offer personal individual support or remote help.
In past years it was much harder to make things working as expected, but these days it was never been easier to build a Hackintosh.


With Hackintosh you have freedom of choice.
If you will look at what Apple currently offers, you are limited to just a few configurations.
In most options you cannot choose your GPU at all, even it’s so important part of any build.
But Apple does not give you this option.
So, let’s have a deeper look at what Apple offers to us.
So what about the more expensive model, Retina 4K, it looks more promising, so we can choose between i3 and i7, no i5 and i9 options, only up to 32 gigs of RAM?
And again, old mechanical harddrive 🙁 No option to change GPU?
OK, so what about the most expensive one.
And finally we have the first option to change the GPU
I have no idea why Apple offers not balanced configurations, maybe they think we are dumb.
I mentioned in my blogs, how crucial it is to choose the correct hardware combination for music workstations, for video editing systems, etc.
Simply no part should be a bottleneck, so you can fully utilize all components in your build.
With Hackintosh you can achieve a better-balanced system than with most Apple configurations.


According to reason number four there is reason number 3 – Hackintosh is easily expandable and upgradeable.
You can start with Intel Core i3 CPU and RX 560 for example and anytime later when your demands will rise, you can upgrade to even Intel Core i9 CPU and multiple Vega Frontier Edition GPUs.
In iMacs you can change yourself only memory.
In MacBooks you cannot change anything.

With Hackintosh you have again absolute freedom.

You can choose huge disk array, choose cooling you want, you can even build custom water loop, you can add RGB fans if you want, you can choose a case of your liking, or even rebuild it to some original Apple PowerMac G5 or Mac Pro case.
Simply with Hackintosh you have absolute control over all your components.


Apple in past decade shipped MACs with few years old CPUs and GPUs 🙂
but in recent years it’s getting a little better.
But still…
Apple computers have a stunning design, that’s without debate, but on the other hand, this amazing design has its downside – it does not offer proper heat dissipation and cooling efficiency.
That results in throttling of components even Apple CPUs are clocked lower then it’s PC counterparts.
It’s insane.
If you will want for example upgrade memory on that iMac Pro, Apple is charging for 64GB 1000 Dollars!
And you cannot choose which model or brand.
For your Hackintosh you can choose any super-fast memory you want, even those with very high frequency and low timings for 2 times cheaper.
Or choose slow memory at speeds Apple offers and you can save even more money.
And finally we are getting to my most favorite reason why to build a Hackintosh


Apple computers have a 1-year worldwide warranty.
You can extend this period by buying AppleCare, which is another additional quite high expense.
If you build a Hackintosh, you get at least 2 years, mostly 3 years warranty on all components right from your local dealer and some components have even a lifetime warranty.

And now the funniest part.

When some component will die in a Mac, the repair costs would be quite the same as the price of a new Mac, because Apple does not repair their computers by replacing a faulty component. After all, it’s design is mostly just one single piece of the logic board, so fixing a faulty GPU on that motherboard is not possible.
Apple will simply replace the whole logic board, even the CPU and all other parts are working great.
In most cases people who were in the official Apple Store to ask for repair got answer something like,
“we can repair it, but it’s gonna cost you 1300 bucks, we need to replace the whole board” etc.
So now you have a probably better idea how is Apple fooling us, cheating and constantly trying to pull money out of our pockets.
Until people will stop accepting that insane Apple behavior, nothing will change.
It looks like Apple completely forgets, who saved Apple before bankruptcy a lot of years ago – yes, we, we saved Apple, we, professional users.
But Apple does not care about us anymore.
Ufff, I still don’t want to believe it, but it looks unfortunately like that spirit of good old days under Steve Jobs leading is gone.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and build yourself a perfect Hackintosh.
Build yourself a wonder machine, expandable, upgradeable, powerful, easy to repair, and save a lot of money on it.
You don’t have to feel bad about it when Apple is treating us like idiots!
If you would have any trouble with building your Hackintosh, I am always here to help.
So, this was all about Reasons why to build a Hackintosh.
If you have any query related to Reasons why to build a Hackintosh, then comment below or contact us.

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