RTX 2060 Super vs RTX 2070 Super

Hi Guys…!!!… Welcome to another blog. Today we will discuss about RTX 2060 Super vs RTX 2070 Super. So, let’s get started…

RTX 2060 Super vs RTX 2070 Super

I’m going to share my experience with these cards which cards should you go with for a particular build and what was my experience without further delay let’s get started.

first of all, let’s talk about the main part.

both the cards have RTX in their name meaning both these cards support ray-tracing.
If you are into that if you play let’s assume game like Battlefield 5 or few other games which support ray tracing officially.
Then these cards will be great for you but do remember that,
When it comes to ray tracing the performance is going to go down like a huge margin.
If you are getting let’s say 120 FPS in battlefield 5 without the RTX2070 super it is going to come down to 70 FPS.
When you turn on ray tracing 2070 is me being a little bit optimistic in my opinion.
Even though these are for generation ray tracing cards you will notice a difference between shadows with ray tracing turned on and rays pressing turned off not just shadows but reflections lighting will be different and the overall experience will be different.
I can’t say that ray tracing means that the gaming performance and the visuals will be very better.
As of now but there is a hope in future and I’m sure in future games when optimized ray tracing games are launched,
It will be a much better experience than what it is right now it’s better than normal gaming
but it’s not like you are missing out on something if ray tracing is not turned on.

Now let’s talk about the pricing

RTX 2016 super is available anywhere from 30,000 rupees to 35,000 rupees that you know
RTX 2070 super will start anywhere from 41000 to 45000 rupees.
The difference is of only 10,000 rupees and 2070 super it has its advantages.
So if you want to get a system and you have spare ten thousand please get RTX2070 super like obviously.
I have another advice if you are building a PC below one lakh rupees get the RTX 2060 super at least.
If you are going above 1 lakh rupees like let’s say 1,50,000 rupees 1,30,000 rupees then get the RTX 2070 super.
I built my PC with RTX 2060 Super.

Now let’s talk about the gaming performance

When it comes to comparison between our RTX 2060 super and 2070 super.
When it comes to 1080p gaming both these cars are fantastic great gaming performance with both the cards there is usually a difference of 15 to 20 FPS between our RTX 2060 super and our RTX 2070 super.
Like in almost all the games in a few games the difference was just about 10 FPS but that’s ok.
But when it comes to ray tracing turned on our RTX 2070 super is a much better card you can expect 60 FPS with the majority of the ray-tracing supported game.
So if you are into 60 FPS gaming like in all the games always then 2070 super is the card for you
But if you are just looking at 1080p regular gaming then our RTX 2060 super is more than enough in my opinion for all the systems below 1 lakh rupees.
I think 2060 super is going to be a great choice in my opinion.


I spent the most amount of my time that’s video editing.
With our RTX 2070 super and our RTX 2060 super both the cards were good enough.
First of all I use only Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
If you use let’s say resolve then,
RTX 2070 super will perform much better because Adobe applications cannot take advantage of GPU as much as the resolve does.
So, to use resolve get the 2070 super.
Now avoid 2060 super if possible because the result will be able to utilize that.
With Adobe applications when it comes to timeline performance I did not notice any major difference between 2060 super and 2070 super.
The main bottleneck that I found was the 16gb of RAM for some odd reason even though 16gb of RAM at 3200 megahertz as soon as I upgraded from 16 to 32 GB there was a noticeable difference in timeline performance as well as rendering performance
While editing the video action has upgraded to 32gb,
I noticed that almost every time the RAM usage is about 20 to 22 GB.
so 16 GB RAM, in my opinion, was a little bit of bottleneck if you are into serious 4k editing you have to get 32 GB of RAM

Difference between 2060 super and 2070 super I feel like both of them are very close to each other.

When it comes to gaming,
I can say that the RTX 2070 super will always perform better than 2060 super.
But when it comes to video editing the difference is not that huge in my opinion.
If your budget allows you to go be 2070 super if it doesn’t then don’t go.
2060 super will do just fine when it comes to video editing if you have 32 GB of RAM.
Both the cards come with 8 GB of VRAM and that is good.
Because you get more VRAM to play games like on higher settings and that’s possible.
If you have any query then comment below or contact us.

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