The 10 Best Chrome Extensions to Install Right Now

In this blog, we are going to discuss about The 10 Best Chrome Extensions to Install Right Now. So, let’s get started….
While Google Chrome has tons of apps.
But there are some hidden gems out there that will probably catch your attention like computer bring my phone.
Here I’m a top 10 Google Chrome extension that you should check out.
The list does not include the popular extensions like pocket grammerly or push phonetic etc.
So, let’s start discussing The 10 Best Chrome Extensions to Install Right Now.


There are many websites in the world that are confined to a specific country.
Let’s take Netflix for instance if you want to watch the office US version from any other country outside the United States well you cannot do that.
Guess what Ultra says what’s the only free app that can remove Netflix user stations with a touch of a button.
Not just Netflix it can circumvent Geo stations on any other website like Spotify, Pandora and whatnot.
Ultrasurf is a proxy service that was created for the internet user in China to find security and freedom online.
how from security and privacy point of view I don’t recommend ultrasurf.
Since it’s a free service chances are they are keeping a log and tracking your browsing pattern.
So it’s better to get up paid VPN.


If you are an Android enthusiast like me and also keep a track of all the latest and greatest Android app.
Then you should try out toolbox for Google Play. It simply put toolbar for Google Play Store will add an apk mirror Android police article and an airplane button to all the Play Store app pages
so if you ever wonder how would I know if the app is just one month old for our cool new app series well you can always check the app page directly by going to the App Engine website
similarly if you want to get the apk for any other application which is not available in your country then apk mirror is the only trusted source
however searching applications there is a tedious task so having this extension give you one click access.
Sometimes it’s hard to find out the right time to make purchase on Amazon.
what if the seller is increased the price or what if the price go down after you purchase it.
well in that case keep is the extension you need for instance you finally decided to give yourself a MacBook but not sure if the price is just right.
KEEPA is a price tracking service which will show you the price history of the last three months.
If the price seems out of your budget then you can set a price tracker and keeper will send you an email alert when the price drop.
It is useful if you’re a frequent shopper on Amazon.


Now that you can use for surf from your computer why not do it for SMS as well.
and thankfully if you own an Android device you can use my D text.
as the name suggests this application lets you send or read your text messages directly from your computer.
but since I don’t text much the only selling point for me is the remote phone manager you can access your photos and videos directly from the PC or Shatila SMS.
you can even make a phone call yes you can make a phone call remotely.
it doesn’t make much sense unless you have a Bluetooth receiver connected to your phone.
You can also send big files from your computer to Android or call your phone if you are not able to find it.


We all have those days when there are millions of things needs to be done but we don’t know where to start.
well then prioritizing and organizing the stuff makes a lot of difference and todoist there’s a kick-ass job with it simply open the app and write down the tasks.
try to keep the list under five three is what I go for you can also set up a reminder for future tasks.
and the cool thing about todoist you can track the activity from your Android and iOS device.
as well to do this app is available in every platform.
so no matter which device you are on you can always cross the atom from your to-do list and feel the sense of dopamine ever wanted to send a voice command from a computer to Android.
like computer push this page to Google pixel.


Thanks to the Google Chrome extension join is a popular pushbullet alternative.
From the developer of our most favorite Tasker plugins you can not only control your Android from your computer like,
sending current tabs to your device taking screenshots and launching Tasker commands.
but after the recent update it also allows you to control your phone from the voice command.
pretty cool right to get it working install the app and the Chrome extension on your Android and computer respectively.
next whenever you see a certain activation phase by default its computer or you can also choose to activate the voice command with keyboard shortcut.
it will automatically send those come on to your Android device.
join Android app comes with 30-day free trial after which you will have to pay one-time fee of $5 finally.


It’s loose on the YouTube video playback on YouTube by 1% every day.
meaning that after 30 days the video playback was reduced to 70% slowing down little by little every day and the funniest part is,
since Google Chrome syncs the extension everywhere meaning if the co-worker is watching a video in home and the extension is installed in the office computer,
It will still work at the home computer and even if the playback speed is already slow,
It will further slow it down, so is it useful very definitely not but then again not everything has to be useful in life.
So that’s pretty much it I hope you find some of the useful extension that you were looking for.
So, this was all about The 10 Best Chrome Extensions to Install Right Now.
If you have any query then comment below or contact us.

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