The Next Apple Macbook

Hi Guys…!!!… Welcome to another blog. In this blog we are going to discuss The Next Apple Macbook. So, let’s get started…
All right so next year we’re probably seeing a The Next Apple Macbook and this is an important one.
So I thought I’d make a video for the people that are interested in laptops and Mac books but also for people that are interested in buying a laptop this year
you want to hear this stuff because this may affect your purchase decision
so the rumors have been floating around forever but we’ve gotten some really good confirmation recently from many popular websites.

The Next Apple Macbook

We’re going to be seeing an ARM-based MacBook in 2021.

Now the difference for the people that are unfamiliar with the stuff the difference between an Intel-based Mac book which is every single MacBook that’s available right now versus an ARM-based one is the chip inside.
So, instead of an Intel or AMD processor, this would be running a custom processor designed by Apple in-house completely customized to whatever their needs or wants are and they would go to control this whole process from top to bottom.
So as an example Apple’s iPads their iPhones their Apple watches those all run custom processors that are also ARM-based.
All three of those devices are very capable and powerful computers well what’s a computer but very capable computing devices.
Now if you look at their chips they’re incredibly powerful and the devices are very well-tuned between the hardware and software.
Like the synergy between them and how to communicate is very well done because the hardware and the software were made by the same company.
so it’s got some nice advantages going on there with the mac books they don’t get that opportunity because the chips were made by Intel and even though Apple spends a lot of time tuning and tweaking their software they’re still working with the processor that they did not make
so the rumors that have come out from Ming Chico are saying that three Mac products are being developed right now
that have custom chips based on 5-nanometer tech that’s incredibly powerful
and the question would be why right a lot of you guys might be like why would Apple want to do something like this and there are three really like super huge advantages that a product like this would deliver


The first thing is performance Apple’s arm-based processors have incredible performance.
If you look at the iPad Pro and even the iPhone 11 the benchmark incredibly well.
Like these are phones and tablets that can push out similar scores to an intel-based laptop.
So clearly the performance is there but the other thing that comes along with that performance is incredibly good power efficiency.


if you look at that iPad pro score that was done off a device that does not have a fan it’s passively cooled and I wouldn’t be surprised if these new MacBooks also run without fans and the need for big heat pipes


With that energy efficiency comes great battery life because that’s one of the best things of arm-based processors.
They just don’t drink a lot of juice so when you have a laptop with an ARM-based processor in it.
I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing hits like 16-18 hours of advertised battery life from Apple which would be amazing and way longer than any laptop that Apple has put out to date.
Another advantage that comes with this type of custom chip is control.


so you get to control that whole design process like,
I said but right now when Apple comes out with a laptop and they’re like,
Hey this is the new you know 2020 MacBook whatever they’re entirely dependent on what Intel brought them right.
If Intel came out with a cool chip that year that’s got 2-4 extra cores everyone’s like yeah that’s awesome.
But sometimes they come out with chips Intel comes with new chips that are like 5% better than the previous generation 10% better and Apple now has to market that right
they now have to deliver a product to the consumer that’s like mildly better than the previous generation
and that I mean that’s never good for anyone other than Intel selling those chips you’re on year.

When you make your stuff you can guarantee that you’ll be able to deliver better performance every year if you want.

there’s also the flipside where if Apple wants to you know they want to twist things a little bit they can stagger their performance increases the way they want to but the general idea is that you are no longer dependent on someone else to improve your product every year.


and the other thing is security like if you think about you guys may know of Apple’s t1 and t2 trips the reason why Apple puts those chips into their laptops is for security.
because Intel has some vulnerabilities with some of their stuff so they put the t1 and t2 chips
In here to keep stuff secure and handle stuff like you know fingerprint identification microphone control, camera control
All the stuff that might be a little bit sensitive it’s handled by an ARM chip that Apple developed and a lot of users take that stuff for granted
They just don’t even care about it but it is something that Apple takes seriously the whole thing about security and privacy.

So they spent the time and energy and effort to put that stuff into their laptops and now when they make their chips it’s just it’s built right into the SOC.


So that’s another advantage but the big advantage for me and the stuff I’m looking at it is the price.
So, when you build your processors when you design you get that stuff made through your supply chains it’s cheaper.
Intel stuff is quite expensive even like the base model MacBooks or you know two-three hundred bucks a pop for the chip.
So for Apple to be able to find some way to get around that pricing it could lower the pricing of these Mac books.
Whether or not Apple kind of pockets that difference or passes those savings on down to the consumers’ something we’ll find out next year.
But my gut feeling is that they’ll want people to buy these devices because they need that user base for the obstacle.
So, this was all about The Next Apple Macbook.
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