Top 5 DSLR Tips

Hi Guys…!!!… Welcome to another blog. In this blog we are going to discuss Top 5 DSLR Tips. So, let’s get started…..
Over the past few months you might have noticed a slight bump in the production value.
Like better image quality softer lighting and hopefully better audio as well.
Doing the process we have come across some really handy camera hacks.
But hey you don’t have to go through all the hit and trial like we did.

Top 5 DSLR Tips

So here are some of the best tier DSLR hacks that we have discovered so far.
But hey why I’m saying this Rohit you are the video guy shouldn’t you be doing this.
Cool why not.


Starting off you must have noticed by now that the LCD screen in your DSLR isn’t that great for monitoring the shots.
The screen is not only small but more importantly you become dependent on it.
Making it difficult for you to move around.
This is why professional videographers and cinematographers use external monitors on set.
And while they do solve the problem they don’t come cheap.
How about we use our tablets and smartphones instead.
We have a 70 D with us so we are using the camera connector by canon to wirelessly control our DSLR.
The app turns the tablet screen into a remote control of your DSLR.
Through which you can not only click pictures but also adjust various camera settings like ISO aperture shutter speed among many others.
In addition to being portable tablets also give you a much bigger display.
Which is super helpful for monitoring of shots.
But here’s the bomber as much as the app is helpful which it is it won’t let you shoot videos.
Canon doesn’t allow video recordings when your camera is Wi-Fi enabled.
And for videographers like me that’s a big letdown.
Never mind though third-party apps like DSLR remote control lets you remotely shoot videos using your Android device.
Make sure you don’t lose your cables though you will need it here.


Next up a real game-changer for getting the most out of DSLRs shooting videos in raw mode
now by default the thought-form when your DSLR does not support raw video recording
so you would need third-party firmware for your DSLR which you can find online
if you’re a Canon user like me go for the magic lantern firmware
in case you didn’t know Pramod allows your camera sensor to record the complete image data
which allows for a relatively higher dynamic range in your picture than the default mode
copy the firmware files onto your DSLR SD card
and install it from the settings menu the great part about magic lantern is that it doesn’t overwrite the stock firmware
it runs in parallel to it once installed open up the magic lantern settings through the trash button and load the raw recording feature from the module settings
and there you go
choosing to go raw would mean that you need a really fast SD card in order to record in Full HD
you will also need a really powerful computer in order to process and edit the raw footage
a word of caution using firmware such as the magic lantern would void your camera warranty


on the list another handy feature from magic lantern zebras you might have realized by now that it’s very hard to judge the exposure levels of your shot going by the LCD displays in DSLRs
you end up relying on your eyes to make that super important judgment and more often than not you go wrong
if you haven’t already I would highly recommend using zebra meters to expose your shots
the meter highlights the overexposed region of your frame with diagonal stripes real-time super helpful
when you adjust your ISO moving on


one of the most important factors in creating a good shot and I can’t stress all this enough
please have a subject in focus I’d say try and stick to manual focus whenever possible for better control
you can take the help of the zoom-in buttons of your DSLR to make sure that your subject is in focus but even then focusing
manual focusing remains a challenge when the aperture is wide open or say when you’re faced with focus shifting and that’s where peaking comes in
just like the zebra peaking is a feature you will find in magic lantern firmware once enabled it pixel it’s the focused region of your frame in pink dots again in real-time
I am sure that with its grass Pikul assistant speaking would make it extremely easy for you to focus manually


Finally if you’re trying to achieve that cinematic look in your videos you should definitely check out the cinestyle plugin.
The plugin works only for canon cameras but you can find similar plug-ins for other brands online
Install the downloaded file into your DSLR and select the Sinister picture profile from the settings
Cine style is basically a picture profile which cuts some of the contrast effectively
Capturing more details in your image which is a big deal if you wanna color grade your footage
You don’t really need an expensive DSLR to have all the features like you just saw thanks to the Internet down many third-party plugins that help you get more out.
So, this was all about Top 5 DSLR Tips.
If you have any query then comment below or contact us.

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