Top 7 things that we should do in Lockdown

Hi Guys…!!!.. In this blog we going to discuss Top 7 things that we should do in Lockdown. So, let’s get started…

What is Lockdown-

A lockdown is an emergency protocol that sometimes prevents people or information from leaving a neighborhood. The protocol can usually only be initiated by someone during a position of authority.

If you are a student then in this condition we should utilize the time, we shouldn’t waste our precious time.

So, these are the top 7 things that you can do in Lockdown-

1. Watch Documentary & Motivational Movies-

If you want to do something great in your life then, you can watch the related movies in the lockdown period which will motivate you in a certain field. For Example,

  • If you want to become a Boxer then watch movies that are related to the Boxing field. It will motivate you too much.
  • As you want to become a hacker then watch the movies related to hacking skills, It will motivate you too much.
  • Want to become a doctor, watch the movies related to doctors, It will motivate you too much.
  • If you want to become a cricketer then watch the movies related to cricket, It will also motivate you too much.

There is a very high probability that you will inspire and this might be also possible that you will get success in that particular area or field.

2. Basic courses of Computer without investing a penny-

If you are a student of any class then you can take online classes related to Computer. As you know that computer sectors are very high in demand, so if you want to pursue your career in the Computer or IT field then, you can do some basic courses for free online i.e. watching educational videos on Youtube. If you search for videos related to Computer then there is a lot of videos from where you can gain knowledge.

From Youtube you can learn about basic things such as about Keyboard, CPU, RAM, Basic peripherals, about MS-office, sending E-mails, etc.

3. Learn Video Editing-

If you want to earn money from as a YouTuber, want to apply as a video editor or as a freelancer then you should know about video editing. You can learn about video editing for free from Youtube. By learning video editing there is a very high probability that you can start earning money.

To learn video editing then you should know about Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.

The scope in video editing is very high.

4. Playing games-

If you are a gamer and you play games too much and your skills in games is very good then, you should not only play games, you should create a channel in youtube, Nimo, MPL or any other platforms so that the other person can watch your gameplay, many gamers earn sufficient by playing games in Youtube or any other platforms. In that platform you can stream and share the techniques and gaming skills among people. If the channel grows or viral in social media on those platforms then there are very high chances that you will earn money from there.

5.  Learn Programming Languages-

In the lockdown period we can easily learn at least one programming language. If you want to become an Ethical hacker, professional Web Developer or Programmer then you can learn at least one part of the course, so do not waste the precious time here and there, use your precious time in learning Ethical hacking, professional Web Developing or Programming and learn new programming languages and increase our coding skills.

6. Learn English-

In the lockdown period, we can improve our English speaking skills and English grammar. As we know that English is very important for daily day-to-day life. If we spend only one hour in learning English then also we can increase our speaking skills. You can learn English from many platforms such as Youtube, Google, etc.


7. Create blogs and earn money-

We can earn money by creating blogs. Blogs are one of the best sources for earning money online. It is easy to learn and understand. There are too many videos and tutorials about blogs.

If you do not have passion for something to do then no one can improve you or make you better.

So, These are the seven points that we should do in the lockdown period to utilize our time.

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